Drake– In My Feelings (Song Sunday #8)

Happy Sunday, all!

This week’s “Song Sunday” selection is from none other than one of the biggest rappers of this current day and age: Drake. Titled “In My Feelings,” this was this year’s summer bop that’s a throwback to the 90’s vibe in beats and atmosphere.

(note: song starts at 2:10)

Now, I’m aware of this “In My Feelings” trend, which I think is kind of dumb, but I won’t discuss it any further. I’ll just focus on the song itself, which I think is refreshing to Drake’s previous works. What I like about “In My Feelings” is that it doesn’t take itself so seriously– not like the introspective, moody tracks that was a huge part of the artist’s albums from before.

If anything, “In My Feelings” is just a fun track to groove to. Again, the 90’s sound is imminent throughout, which makes a Millennial (like myself) bop to the beat. Great for dancing, great for chilling out to, “In My Feelings” is a simple song for simple pleasures.

Feel free to listen to it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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