Pia Mia feat. Austin Mahone– Fill Me In (Song Sunday #6)

Greetings, bloggers! Happy Sunday. 🙂

As we get into this month of September, I’ll be *hopefully* posting regularly my “Song Sundays,” which are songs I’m currently obsessed with. Today, I’m featuring another Pia Mia track, as I’m really into her music nowadays. In collaboration with American singer Austin Mahone, she duets with “Fill Me In,” which is a cover of the original by Craig David. The difference, though, is that her and Mahone’s version is a more R&B-pop tempo that’s sure to get you in the mood to sway to the beat.

Even though Pia Mia and Austin Mahone’s version caters to their teenage fanbase (as they were teenagers when this single came out), it’s not a bad thing– in fact, they actually have good vocals, as opposed to many of the wannabe Justin Biebers (e.g. forced falsettos, whiny pipes) on the Internet these days. Mia and Mahone are genuinely talented, and I think their version does justice to the original about young love and parenting in society today.

The production of this song is seriously underrated– although it has a R&B vibe, the snares and high-hats added in offer a EDM-trance beat that seems to hypnotize you from beginning to end. Whether to chill or jam out to, “Fill Me In” is a pleasurable track to add to your playlist wherever you go.

Feel free to give it a listen. Have a good rest of the weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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