Woman Crush Saturday: Parissa Koo

Hi, all!

This month’s “Woman Crush” series features the lovely Parissa Koo, an American actress and singer known for her stints on Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie, as well as the LGBT+ web series Gal Pals.

Image result for parissa koo
Source: IMDb.

I came across her work when I started watching the second season of Gal Pals this summer. She plays the supporting role as Aya, a new potential love interest for the luckless-in-love Bee. Koo plays her character flawlessly, with that chill, girl-next-door vibe that complements the neurotic Bee very well.

Image result for parissa koo
Source: Twitter.

Gal Pals also made it clear that Koo’s character is attractive, and without exception, she is! What makes her so lovely are her good genes, as she’s both Chinese and Persian. Her skin’s absolutely flawless, too, and it’s no wonder people would fall for her left and right. Although she’s yet to become a big star, her acting, singing, and dancing skills makes her a strong entertainer in this huge industry.

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Source: IMDb.

Give Koo some love, will you? Have a great weekend (and rest of the month!).

— The Finicky Cynic

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