5 Underrated Destinations in Europe (Part 2)

Hello, bloggers (and travelers)!

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a short list of some underrated destinations in Europe which I’ve visited. Having traveled a lot since then, I’ve decided to add some more of my favorite, lesser-known places to the list!

Without further ado, let’s get to them!

1. Heidelberg, Germany.

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Source: rolfsbuss.se.

While certainly no Berlin or Munich, the town of Heidelberg nevertheless is a pretty place that’s surrounded by the lush Rhine Valley and the Neckar River, all the while boasting some gorgeous architecture in its eponymous castle and Old Town. It’s a lovely town for both nature-lovers and architecture geeks, with the iconic Philosopher’s Walk and baroque buildings that offer pleasure to any visitor there, respectively.

2. Karlovy Vary, Czechia.

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Source: Wikipedia.

Also known as “Carlsbad,” this spa town has been made famous as a filming location for movies like Casino Royale and Last Holiday. It’s no wonder, as the entire town looks like something from out of a toy town, with its multicolored buildings stacked on top of each other along the many hills in western Czechia. It’s also the place to relax in the thermal baths, let alone try the fresh, thermal water from its natural springs nearby!

3. Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland.

Image result for kirkjufell
Source: Guide to Iceland.

While places like Vik or any in the Golden Circle receive more attention from travelers who come to Iceland, the Snaefellsnes Peninsula often gets overlooked. However, it’s completely worth the 2+ hour drive from Reykjavik, as it offers a chilly, but sublime coastline with green cliffs that resemble those of Moher or Étretat. Plus, it offers the iconic Kirkjufell, which is one reason why it’s worth going to this part of Iceland!

4. Toulouse, France.

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Source: thelocal.fr.

Paris might get the vast majority of visitors each year, but Toulouse is where you get to really get a better picture of France itself. In other words, the city has just the right balance of local and cosmopolitan flair, along with a slower, laid-back southwest culture and probably the kindest French people you’ll ever meet. The architecture is low-key gorgeous, and it’s necessary to check out some building interiors to see them for yourself!

5. Zagreb, Croatia.

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Source: 4you365.com.

Before visiting, many people who’d already gone had said that Zagreb was perhaps not worth more than a night’s stay– however, I stayed for three nights, and I thought that was even better. True, Zagreb doesn’t boast the beautiful, Dalmatian coast and beach vibes like Dubrovnik or Split, but it makes up for having a flourishing art scene, stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture, and plenty of delicious (and inexpensive) eateries to keep you busy for days!


What are your favorite underrated destinations? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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17 thoughts on “5 Underrated Destinations in Europe (Part 2)

    1. rebbit7

      Iceland is gorgeous! I went there in May, and it was a good time. Reykjavik is charming, and it makes for a great base for day trips outside! Would love to return some day. 🙂

    1. rebbit7

      It’s true that Iceland has gotten significantly touristy over this past decade, but I still think it’s very beautiful. Would love to hear how the Ukraine is, as I hope to visit next year!

  1. Iceland, Germany and France are definitely some European locations that I would love to visit besides Scotland and Italy (the latter is more out of genetic curiosity because I’m Italian and my boyfriend is Scottish.) Being from Montreal I don’t think the cold of Iceland would bother us 😂 those natural springs seem like a must see!

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