Halcyon– Runaway (Culture Code remix) (Song Sunday #3)

Hello, everyone!

This week’s “Song Sunday” is a derivative of another song that I’ve already shared on this blog just a couple of months ago. From German DJ Halcyon’s breakthrough track “Runaway,” it has been remixed into a chill-out, but still soaring song about freedom and exploration, ideally with the one you love.

What makes this particular remix stand out from others is how it takes its time building up to the drop. It’s more patient, and it allows listeners to enjoy the flight before it offers that ethereal high, like when you “runaway” and discover who you really are.

Really, I’ve been obsessed with this song for months now. Simple in nature, it’s nevertheless effective, and it’s just a feel-good track to put you in an uplifting mood. Feel free to give “Runaway” a listen, and have a good rest of the weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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