Man Crush Monday: Paul Barbato

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Man Crush Monday,” where I feature my current male celebrity crush. This month is that of Paul Barbato, aka “Barby,” the host of the popular YouTube channel “Geography Now.

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Source: Black Label Experience.

I just recently came across Barbato’s channel a month ago, and I’ve since been hooked. As someone who loves to travel, I as a result enjoy learning about countries and their geographies, which goes readily hand-in-hand. Barbato presents each country A to Z, and he does a great job of highlighting each of their politics, history, culture, and of course, geography– all with great energy and humor!

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Source: Pinterest.

Besides being articulate, charming, and multi-lingual, Barbato is one heck of a beautiful human being. I guess it’s partly due to his mixed-racial features (he’s a mix of Korean, Italian, French, and Irish) and to his physique. Really, he’s low-key ripped, and that’s what makes him easy on the eyes to tune into each episode. 😉

Source: Twitter.

Give this wonderful, intelligent man some love, will you? Enjoy your week!

— The Finicky Cynic

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