Destination: Ljubljana, Slovenia

My time in Croatia was done, but I wasn’t quite done with my travels in May and June. From Zagreb, I took a Flixbus on my way to Venice– however, I had a 2-3 hour stopover in Ljubljana and, considering I’d never been to Slovenia before, I took advantage of this *very brief* stopover to see a bit of the country’s capital.

As soon as the bus pulled into Ljubljana’s bus station, I hopped off and made a beeline for the city center. First sight I came across was the Dragon Bridge, with its fire-breathing statues guarding both sides of the structure.

Dragon Bridge.

I then took a stroll along the brilliant-turquoise Ljubljanica River before arriving at the distinctively-pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. Just across the church was the three-bridge Triple Bridge (evidently, of course), which I crossed after making a brief tour around Congress Square. Not too far was the simple, but elegant Cobblers’ Bridge, and I made my way to Prešeren Square, which is the pedestrian plaza that’s bustling with people, restaurants, and souvenir shops. In the center is the towering Robba Fountain, marble-made and dating from the 18th century.

Ljubljanica River (with the Franciscan Church in the background).
Triple Bridge.
Cobbler’s Bridge (with Ljubljana Castle in the background).
At Prešeren Square.

Perched on a nearby hill is the Ljubljana Castle– unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go up and visit, so I made my way back to the bus station. Before that, I made one last, short stop at Nebotičnik, a skyscraper which offered *free* views of the city (including the castle) from its top deck. The sights were lovely, and after taking some photos, I headed down and back to the bus station. I grabbed a small frozen yogurt at a restaurant near the station, and soon enough caught my bus to Venice.

Views from Nebotičnik.

Overall, I’d only gotten a glimpse of Ljubljana that day. I pretty much rushed through the highlights for photos, and it would’ve been nice to have had more time to slow down and take my time with the sights– I also forgot to buy a postcard there, so that gives me all the more reason to return and see Slovenia!

More travel posts coming soon– until then!

— The Finicky Cynic

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