Destination: the Southern coast, Iceland

Aside from staying in Reykjavik during my holidays in mid-May, I also took organized day tours to other parts of Iceland, in order to see more of the country. Of course, I could’ve opted to rent a car and independently explore, but I wasn’t comfortable driving a manual (the cheapest option) and I was traveling solo to be unable to split the cost. That said, I decided to pay a bit more for organized day tours from Reykjavik, as I wouldn’t have to do much work and enjoy myself along the way.

My first organized day tour was to the southern coast of Iceland, notably-known for presumably the “prettiest” waterfalls in the country and Vík, the black sand beach. It would be an all-day tour, as it was out of Reykjavik and required a couple of hours driving to get there. Along with other passengers, I left the capital around 8:30 to begin my trip to the lovely southern coast.

Our first stop was at Skogafoss, one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. I admit, it was enormous, and there was even a stairway alongside it for those who wanted to reach the top of the waterfall. I did that, although I’ll say that the views were more spectacular at ground level than at the top. Still, a beautiful sight to behold!

Climb to the top.

Following that, we drove to Sólheimajökull, a glacier where people can go glacier-walking on. Our tour didn’t include that, but nevertheless it was cool to see the massive block of ice in contrast to the people on top of it, looking like ants.


We continued our journey to Vík, the southernmost village in the country near where the black sand beaches were. After a short stop for lunch, we spent our afternoon strolling along the shoreline, black as night. The waves were rough and windy, and we also saw the rock reliefs under the cliffs which resembled pipes. It was a surreal (and cold!) experience, and I was glad to have *finally* visited the place.

Black sand beaches.
Rock reliefs under the cliffs.
Vik black sand beaches.

From Vík, our final stop of the day was at Seljalandsfoss, another waterfall. It’s especially famous for being the site of one of Justine Bieber’s music videos, and visitors can even walk behind the waterfall– I did just that, and I got soaked in the process! All the same, it made for a fun time. 🙂

Walking behind the waterfall.
Behind the waterfall.

As that was our last stop of the day, the rest of the time was spent getting back to Reykjavik. We returned around 19:30, and I was tired, but satisfied with my first day tour of Iceland. There would be more trips in the following two days, which would be just as beautiful and exciting!

More to come soon, so stay tuned!

— The Finicky Cynic

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17 thoughts on “Destination: the Southern coast, Iceland

  1. Mesmerising , I have recently returned from Iceland (15days back) and the holiday hangover continues.
    Your post is so wonderful .thanks for sharing it.
    do visit sunniesmybunnies for my recent poetry on Iceland.

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