My Unpopular Opinions

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Just a week ago, I was watching honest’s “Unpopular Opinions” video on YouTube, and not only did I find it entertaining, but also it was quite refreshing. His video especially got me thinking how we, as people, have lost the ability to form our own opinions, let alone not speaking what we believe at the fear of being hated by others.

Considering that my blog, The Finicky Cynic, was originally created to be about social commentary and criticism, I thought that I would write a post as a way to return to my roots– at least for this post. Much of what I’ll say will include a mixture of opinions on the entertainment industry, some politics, and a bit of everyday instances that I’ve noticed and wonder about (to the point of annoyance). There will be some overlaps with honest’s list, so I give him credit for calling them out first!

*note* I’m aware that many of you might disagree with some of my points, but don’t go hating in the comments. You’re welcome to share your disagreements, but not criticize without reason. I know that some points will spark controversy, but as long as we can have a civil conversation about them, I’m all for it.

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Hope not.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

My 10 Unpopular Opinions

1. Avo-toast is unnecessary. If anything, this is the ultimate symbol of millennials, a group which I happen to be a part of. Sure, avo-toast is delicious, but I don’t see why it’s so hyped up– it’s not any more special than French toast for brunch. And I don’t understand why people go to pay big bucks for it at restaurants when you can literally make it at home.

2. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Halsey don’t sing well. I’m not saying that these artists can’t sing– rather, they don’t sing *that* well. Don’t go off on me and ask if I could sing better than them– I can’t (meaning, I don’t have a good voice). But I’m saying that they don’t deserve all of that fame, because their voices are just mediocre, in my opinion. Never understood their hype, and I probably never will.

3. I don’t understand the hype around Beyoncé. Likewise, I am puzzled as to why people worship Beyoncé like she’s some goddess. True, she’s very talented, but it’s not like everything she touches turns into gold– she has flaws, she’s human, and thinking that she can do no wrong is just being blind to any weird shit she might do otherwise.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch is not attractive. In my mind, he resembles a hybrid of a horse and snake, meaning that I don’t find him good-looking. Never understood his appeal– I guess it’s his British accent that makes us non-Brits swoon, but other than that, I can’t wrap my head around why people would think he’s attractive.

5. I believe that you aren’t “born gay.” Being careful with words, I believe that one has a predisposition towards the same sex, but one isn’t inherently born gay. I feel that it’s very much the environment– your family, school, experiences– you grew up in which enforces whether you are/identify as gay.

6. I don’t understand the hype around In-N-Out. I’m a native Californian, and I’ve had my fair share of In-N-Out, but I don’t see why it’s so popular– seriously, I’ve seen Drive-Thrus backed out for miles during rush hour at lunch. The burgers aren’t life-altering, let alone the best burgers I’ve ever had…they’re just okay. If I had to pick a fast food burger which I liked, I’d say those from either Carl’s Jr. or Wendy’s.

7. The French accent isn’t sexy. Having lived in France for three years and meeting plenty of French people, I confess that I don’t find the French accent (while speaking in English) attractive at all. Many foreigners (i.e. non-French people) say that the French accent is a turn-on, but for me, it’s a turn-off. The French sound like they have food stuffed in their mouth when they speak, or like if they have a permanent cold (due to the nasality of the French language). True, some of them can’t help sounding like that, but to say that it’s a beautiful accent, I vehemently object.

8. The Chick-fil-A controversy is stupid. I believe it was around 2012 when this huge controversy about the Chick-fil-A CEO expressing his anti-same-sex beliefs became such a huge sensation that it led to people boycotting not to eat at the restaurant. While I don’t agree with the CEO’s opinion, refusing to eat at an establishment because of someone’s beliefs is idiotic– after all, what has a crispy chicken sandwich done to you? I actually like Chick-fil-A, and I believe people just need to separate the food from a personal opinion.

9. I do believe that slut-shaming has a reason. Now, I don’t believe that people are right in saying that a woman was “asking for it” when she was raped. But I believe that what you wear sends a huge message to people, and that it’s natural to judge your character based on it. Yes, we need to teach men (and even some women) not to force someone sexually, but really, if you’re wearing jean shorts which expose your butt, or an extremely low-cut tank that practically exposes your breasts, it’s not only not “liberating,” but also just plain tasteless. Same goes for men who wear tight-fitting pants that outlines their dick (*barfs)– I mean, do you expect people not to judge you if you wear such outfits?

10. Conservative laws can be good for the U.S. I don’t consider myself fully conservative, but I do agree with some of its laws and ideas. For example, I’m for fiscal conservatism, which actually deregulates the economy and lowers taxes. Many people who associate the word “conservative” in the negative light are only referring to the social ones, particularly the extreme, on anti-same-sex marriage, Christian values, and so forth. But one also needs to know that it’s also about economics and politics, too. I consider myself socially-liberal, but even then, I disagree with some social liberal ideals.

What are your unpopular opinions? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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10 thoughts on “My Unpopular Opinions

  1. I definitely agree with #9 but kinda hurt at #4 😅 No worries, it’s an opinion anyway!
    Here’s my opinion:
    I don’t think that Toblerone tastes so good. Maybe it’s just my weird tongue 😞

    By the way, I’m loving your posts!

    1. rebbit7

      Yes, opinions are opinions, as long as they’re justified. I think Toblerone’s not bad, but it’s not my preferred type of candy. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m right there with you on #3 but have never said it out loud. I don’t understand the hype. Maybe it’s because she has a unique name? Like if her name were Mary, would anyone care? It’s an anomaly to me why people pay so much attention to celebrities.

    1. rebbit7

      You have a point…I never thought about that! Granted, I think Beyoncé has a good voice and great charisma, but that can be applied to other female mainstream singers out there. Must be society, that is!

  3. Beyonce sucks! She’s a fat pig. Talk about overrated? Good God! She’s one of the most overrated people ever. I honestly do not find her attractive yet people gush over her like she’s a supermodel…..rather, she’s superannoying!
    Cumberbatch……maybe a good actor, looks ugly I guess, sometimes hard for a guy to comment on that one.
    Chick-Fil-A……typical problem here in America. If we boycotted every company that didn’t agree with us, we’d have nowhere to spend our money, right? Think about it. Do I like Jeff Bezos? Not in the slightest. Do I still use Amazon sometimes? Yes. It’s all insane. I don’t want to know any CEO’s political ideologies. Why do celebrities think we want to know their ideas? Shut up and act. LeBron…..great player……but shut up and dribble! Haha LOL! That one is funny.
    Why am I going off on your page? Sorry about that.
    This has been Reid, “The Dutch Lion”……signing off now.

    1. rebbit7

      While I’m not an idolizing fan of Beyoncé, I would have to disagree and say that I can see why people find her attractive…not just with looks but also charisma. I do respect her, even if I don’t necessarily worship her.

      You have a point about boycotting companies based on the CEO’s opinion: sure, one’s ideologies might upset people, but it shouldn’t affect how you feel about the company as a whole. It’s necessary to separate the two from each other.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. I’m an idiot sometimes, maybe most of the time. Sorry for the rant. I was in a mood I suppose. Anyway, good stuff! Thanks for the comments!

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