Woman Crush Saturday: Jill Evyn

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Woman Crush” post. Granted, it’s already the end of April, but it’s never too late to post about my current female favorite! This time, I’m introducing you to Jill Evyn, an actress, model, and fire dancer (what??) whose talents and looks are so underrated that it’s crazy that she hasn’t hit mainstream yet.

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Source: Parx-e Web Zine.

Besides having fiery red hair (get it?) and killer bone structure, Evyn also has incredible grace and movement. From her perfect posture to natural sex appeal, it’s not a surprise that people– men and women alike– would crush on her!

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Source: Listal.

I discovered Evyn when I watched the film Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014), which she co-stars in. Playing a broken character who still has the ability to love, her on-screen chemistry with Sharon Hinnendael was fire (really going off the fire motif here!) was too much, and that was when I sought to find more of her acting reels online, just to see more of her!

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Source: The Black Room.

Give Jill Evyn some love, will you? Enjoy your weekend (and end of the month!).

— The Finicky Cynic

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