WordPress Suspended my Blog??

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Source: Dumbledore’s Army Role-Play-Wiki.

…my feelings throughout the day^

Thankfully, everything’s all resolved (thanks WordPress support team!).

Back story:

I was unable to post today’s post this morning, after waking up and realizing that my blog had apparently been “suspended” for violating terms of use. I had no idea how that happened, as this is my personal blog, and I always make sure to cite sources, not share other blogs without obtaining permission, etc…that said, you can expect that I was in full-blown panic mode throughout the day.

To solve the issue, the only thing I could do was to send a request to the support team to review my blog and lift the suspension. Got the news just a few minutes ago, and everything seems back to normal.

So, if you’d tried to access and read my blog today, I apologize that it wasn’t available. All’s good now, and I’ll be carrying on with the rest of my blogging in due course! Have a good day!

— The Finicky Cynic

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