Halcyon (feat. Valentina Franco)– Runaway (SSJ #73)

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jams” will be a different one, as it’s from a *relatively* unknown artist by the name of Halcyon. With the track called “Runaway,” it’s an ethereal song which, contrasted with the hard-hitting beats in the chorus, is sure to take you away “like a dragonfly.”

Really, this song hits just the right spots, from the angelic, soaring voice of German singer Valentina Franco to the soothing synths throughout. It’s a great track to kick back on a weekend night, whether at home or at the club.

…by the way, here’s the official music video to it. Good vibes (and gorgeous girls)…what more could you ask for?

Feel free to give this song a listen. Have a good start of the week!

— The Finicky Cynic

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One thought on “Halcyon (feat. Valentina Franco)– Runaway (SSJ #73)

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