Done Teaching this Year (almost!)

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My sentiments exactly…

Bonjour, bloggers!

As you’ve read from the title, I am almost done teaching this semester in France! I’ll be honest and say that second semester teaching at the university has been much more challenging than the first, and really, I’m so glad that I’m nearly done! Seriously, I need a break…

More specifically, I’ve just finished giving lectures and exams to my first-year undergraduates which I’ll say have been the reason why this semester was so difficult…to put it as lightly as possible, they’re a real pain to deal with, and it surprises me that they act even worse than middle schoolers at times…and I’m not even exaggerating…

Any case, I survived nine weeks with them, and now, I just have a couple more weeks of instruction with my second-year students who aren’t perfect, either, but at least they’re a bit better. Just a tad…

This was just an update to let you know how things have been going so far. Especially since I haven’t properly had time to travel since January, I’m glad that I’m almost done working to get to travel extensively again. Will be updating on my progress in a few more weeks, once I *officially* finish teaching for this year…

…until then, bon courage!

— The Finicky Cynic

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