A Weekend in Nature (Part 2)


During my week off from work in February, I’d mostly stayed home to rest and catch up on work. However, I did get out of the house a couple of times to get some fresh air, all the while explore the backyards of what my city had to offer. In fact, my city is situated at the foothills of a vast regional park, which makes for great opportunities to hike and explore what nature had to offer.

I’d done a brief, afternoon hike for views of the city just the day before, and the following day, I was motivated to continue exploring more of the area. Beginning around 10:00, I took the bus to the start of one of the hikes, and from there, I made the one to two-hour journey over to a nearby village. I’d actually done that same hike back in September with a colleague, and I enjoyed it to want to do it again…and so I did!

View of the village from the hike.

Admittedly, I got a bit lost on the hike, but I happened to run into a fellow hiker who was kind enough to walk with me and show me the way over to the village. I arrived about 90 minutes later, and I wandered around town to revisit some of the notable sites, including a small church and ruins of an old castle.

Castle ruins.
Village tucked away in the hills.

From there, I continued with the next leg of my hike, to a barrage about 30 minutes from the village. It was a quiet, peaceful walk, as there was virtually no one that day, except for the occasional hiker here and there. After jumping over a small stream and mounting a hill, I made it to the barrage, which was more like a lake than a dam-like structure. It was absolutely beautiful, as it reminded me of the small hikes I’d done with my family in the Pacific Northwest last summer. Considering it was February, the water was half-frozen over, which made for even more dramatic scenery– same went for the occasional icy areas on the hike.

On the hike.
The barrage.

After taking in the barrage’s beauty, I made my way back to my city. It took about two to three hours, as I first had to return to the village, then to the city. I caught the bus back into the city center once I reached the outskirts and arrived back in my apartment in the mid-afternoon. It’d been perhaps five hours of hiking, and I was absolutely exhausted afterwards, but it was a day well-spent in nature.

Even though I hadn’t done so much over February break, those occasional hikes out were a great way to stretch my legs and take in some of the great outdoors. I’ve since gone out a bit more and travel, especially not that it’s spring; I’ll recount more of my adventures later!

— The Finicky Cynic

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