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While I hadn’t been active on Netflix for a long while, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I really go into it. Seriously, it must be the winter weather, just because I’ve been holed up in my room just binge-watching series after series. Ones I’ve seen so far have been pretty good, and although I’ve yet to finish some of them, I’d like to share some series which I’ve been into lately. Any case, here we go!

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1. Black Mirror (Season 4).

Now, I’ve only seen two episodes so far of the latest season (which debuted on December 29, 2017), and I’d say that they were pretty good. I saw “USS Callister” and “Hang the DJ,” which I would say are the “less-disturbing,” more lighthearted episodes, as I’ve been told. However, I did find those two episodes at least lacking a bit of originality, as the technology used in both episodes mirrored that of those used in previous ones (such as “San Junipero” and “Nosedive”). I’m also a bit apprehensive watching the rest of the season’s episodes, as I’ve heard that they’re quite violent (and I don’t usually like violent shows), but I’ll get around to them…eventually!

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2. The Good Place.

One of my Couchsurfing hosts introduced me to this series, and so far, I do enjoy it. The humor– sharp and at times random– reminds me a lot of other comedy series which I enjoy, including Community and Parks and Recreation. The series is quite interesting, as it deals with the concept of Heaven and Hell, all the while not making it religious at all. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson really make the show, not just with their quirky personalities, but also chemistry. I love William Jackson Harper’s Chidi, since he does remind me a bit of myself: nerdy, socially-awkward, and grumpy (at times). I haven’t finished the first season yet, but I hope to catch up soon!

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3. One Day at a Time (remake).

If I had to recommend a Netflix series to watch, I’d 100% say One Day at a Time. This series is what comedy series should look up to: the cast is phenomenal with amazing chemistry, the jokes are sharp, fast, and on-point, and it doesn’t shy away from keeping it real. I’m absolutely in love with Elena (Isabella Rodriguez) and her coming-out story line– she’s so freakin’ adorable with her nerdiness and her relationship with Sid is just too cute. ODAAT also touches on extremely-relevant topics, such as divorce, growing up, PTSD, race, and cultural clashes, which anyone can relate to– I admit, there were times when I teared up at how real it got, all the while having good humor to balance it out. 12/10 would recommend!

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4. Wynonna Earp (Season 2).

I’d started season 2 last summer, but stopped after the ninth episode when I couldn’t find *illegally-uploaded* YouTube videos of them anymore. I caught up again earlier this year, once Netflix put season 2 on, and I watched them straight to the end. Compared with season 1, the second is definitely more action-packed, although I felt it got a bit muddled with too many bad guys and people being introduced, only to disappear as quickly as they’d entered. I really enjoyed the character-development of Waverly Earp, as she ended up making the season (instead of Wynonna- ouch!). Still on the WayHaught wagon, and there’s no falling off it soon! Keen on what season 3 will bring!

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Source: Bleeding Cool.

5. Everything Sucks!

I spent my one-week vacation in February binge-watching this series– it took me three days to get through the 10 episodes (although I could’ve done it quicker). Like many others, I have mixed opinions about the series, although I’ll say that I like it more than dislike it. Peyton Kennedy as Kate made this series what it was– she gave a strong performance, and that absolutely blew me away. Jahi Di’Allo Winston as Luke also did very well, although I didn’t like how his character was handled– it wasn’t until the second half of the season that the writers made him such a brat. Thankfully, he was better by the end of the season. The series did at times make me cringe (and not in a good way) with their jokes, especially those from Patch Darragh’s Ken Messner, whom I didn’t really like. Although imperfect, Everything Sucks! is worth a watch, and I do hope for a season two soon!

What Netflix shows are you currently watching/would recommend? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Watching on Netflix Now

  1. I just started watching a series called Seven Seconds. I’ve only seen one episode and I’m hooked. I don’t want to give away what it’s about but it’s worth checking out!

  2. Love One Day at a Time and The Good Place gets better in season 2!! Black mirror S4: you should watch the Black Museum episode, again it’s not very original but better than rest…till date, San Junipero is my favorite

    1. rebbit7

      Glad you enjoy those series, too! Been on a hiatus from watching Netflix, but I hope to get back into watching regularly when I have more time!

  3. I love your list of shows! I am a huge TV Nerd and have seen most of the ones you mentioned in your article. I love Black Mirror, The Good Place, and Everything Sucks! It is disappointing Everything Sucks! got cancelled. It seems like this year almost every TV show got cancelled.

    If your looking for some great Netflix originals my favorites are: LOVE, Bloodline, and the Wet Hot American Summer series, to name just a few. Bloodline’s last season was a bit uneven and not completely great, but it’s still a favorite of mine anyways, lol.

    1. rebbit7

      Glad you also enjoy the same series! A shame Everything Sucks! got cancelled; it had so much potential to be a good show. Thanks for your recommendations; I might get to them this summer!

      1. It seems like soooo many great shows got cancelled this year. It’s like what’s going to be left to watch, lol. I feel like Everything Sucks! started and was given like no time to actually find an audience. It got cancelled so quickly after its premiere.

        Always happy to offer suggestions on my favorite TV shows. Being the huge TV Nerd that I am, I always can recommend a tons of shows, lol.

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