Destination: Lyon, France (fête des Lumières 2017, Day 3)


Just this past December, I had the opportunity to return for Lyon’s world-famous fête des Lumières, which is a multi-night light show all over the city. With dozens of different exhibitions going on in town, it’s certainly a feast for the eyes to welcome in the holiday season.

Now, I’d gone for the fête des Lumières the year before while teaching my second year in France. However, it’d only been for one night, and it was certainly not enough time to see everything. That was why I made it my goal to go for longer this time around; I’m also lucky that I live closer to Lyon this year for work, since it wouldn’t be as much of a problem taking transport over.

Just like with the previous year, I reserved an Airbnb and this time, it could house up to a whopping ten people (with last year being six). Besides my friends, I also extended the invitation to other English teachers all over France, and with ten girls in for three nights, it was chaotic, but lots of fun, as we bonded over apéro (aka lots of wine) and huddling together with the crowd as we watched the light displays in town.

Here are photos from the third (and last) night. Enjoy!







— The Finicky Cynic

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