Valentine’s Day 2018

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…or rather, “Single Awareness Day.”

To be honest, Valentine’s Day is really just a big, fat commercial holiday which capitalizes on couples who spend money on items which don’t mean even half as much as their love (or, in some cases, maybe more). After all, why dedicate a single day to express your love for each other– shouldn’t you be doing that every single day, Valentine or no Valentine?

I admit, it was cute back in school when we gave Candygrams to everyone in the class. Granted, it was fun for the kids, but not so much for the parents, who had to buy them. Things get more complicated as preteens and young adults, since it was a matter of mustering up the courage to go the extra mile in buying roses and chocolates for your significant other, whether or not you two have only been dating for two weeks. 😛

As a full-fledged adult, it gets messier. Being single in your twenties is fine, although depending on your family and culture, it can also mean pressure to look for someone soon. No wonder dating apps are such a huge thing, let alone Hallmark movies for singles out there. Some people might even be fine on their own but, under societal pressure, your finances and social ranking compels you to find someone to share your life with. As if we can’t will our friends and close family relatives with our money when we die…

Cynical, I know, but at the same time, I respect people who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. True, it might be grossly commercialized, but it does temporarily rekindle the love you have for that special someone. It can strengthen your relationship with them or, should you be single, it can make you dream.

Dating has never been my thing (let alone happened to me), but that’s okay. I think at this point in my life, it’s not a matter of looking for hookups and potential flings, but rather someone whom I want to be serious with. Someone who shares certain things in common with me and is serious about themselves, too. Until then, I’m fine being on my own– plus, it gives me a reason to indulge in chocolate and rosé wine…all by myself (Then again, I have to work early tomorrow, so not too much indulging…)!

Couple or not, I wish you a good Valentine’s Day. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2018

  1. I totally agree with this post. It’s waay too commercial and it does put a lot of pressure on people to get gifts and dates perfect. When my boyfriend asked what I wanted, I literally said ‘just dinner and you’ because time with loved ones is way more valuable then a dozen roses that are going to die in a few days xD The pressure people put on themselves is ridiculous but it is a nice excuse to do something different that day and be with someone special like you said.

    1. rebbit7

      Experience over material items is the way to go! While investing one’s day for their love is sweet, continuing to do so during other days is important, too. Depends on the couple, really!

    1. rebbit7

      The point is that one shouldn’t dedicate merely a single day to treating someone special; in order to really show one’s love, doing it consistently over the rest of the year can keep the bond strong.

      1. Life happens, and people become complacent. Some people could use the reminder. Not even greedy corporations ever told anyone to save all their love for February 14th, so not sure why that’s relevant.

        It’s like an anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving. Those are all also highly commercialised, especially Christmas. Maybe people should stop celebrating those too lol.

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