My Roommate Story #2


It’s been a while since my last crazy roommate story, but I assure you that there’s more where that came from. Since moving into this flat in September, it has been bad luck after the other with roommates which, besides driving me nuts, also gives me plenty of juicy stories to talk about.

Now, I’m not a confrontational person AT ALL, and so dealing with difficult people makes me really anxious and I prefer just not dealing with them. Of course, that’s impossible and, even if you don’t do the confronting, your roommates are bound to do it, anyway. Really, you can’t escape.

Any case, here’s another story about my time living with M, C, and S between September and November (with M being the problem), so let’s get to it!

Story #2: Shit Happens

It was past midnight and I’d just gotten home from a night out with friends. I went to the bathroom, and I saw some poop stains left over in the toilet from the last person who’d taken a dump (didn’t know who it was at that time). Anyway, I was a bit grossed out by it, but otherwise didn’t think too much of it. I did my thing and flushed, although the poop stains still didn’t come off, but I decided that the person who’d done it will deal with it in the morning, and I went off to bed.

That morning, I was having breakfast in the kitchen commons with S. Things were cool, until M came and greeted us pleasantly with a “Bonjour, how are you?” Then, she proceeded to whip out her phone and showed us a photo she’d taken of the poop stains inside the toilet.

“What the hell is this?” she demanded.

S and I were taken back not only at her brusqueness, but also at the fact that she’d taken a photo of the shit in the toilet. Regaining composure, I responded that I didn’t know what had happened and that it wasn’t me who left that stain.

“Oh, so it just appeared by magic then?” she retorted.

S tried to say something to M, but M wouldn’t let her talk, continuing to ramble on about she isn’t our mother and that she can’t be cleaning after us. I was getting tired of it and I was smiling at this incredulous situation unfolding right in front of me. M saw my smile and asked,

“Really, this doesn’t disgust you? Does this NOT DISGUST YOU?”

I was getting really irritated, but I remained calm and back-handed with a simple, “Nope.”

The look on her face was priceless. She then gathered herself, nodded, and said, “Well…okay then!”

I then told M that, if it bothers her, I can go clean the toilet bowl– even if I hadn’t made those shit stains, I’d cleaned it just to make her shut up. M got all passive-aggressive and said, “Oh no no, you don’t have to! It’s not a problem,” to which I responded, “I’m pretty sure it’s a problem for you” as she kept denying it. I went to check out the toilet bowl, and apparently, it’d already been cleaned, perhaps by M herself.

M continued to remind us to clean up after ourselves and, eventually, with a chirpy, “Have a good day,” she left as if nothing had happened.

S and I looked at each other– after all, this wasn’t the first time M was being difficult. I told S, “we need to say something to her. This isn’t fair. She needs to be stopped.” S wasn’t in the mood to confront M, especially after being constantly picked on by her and becoming indifferent to it. Any case, that left me confused and disbelief for the rest of the day.

The icing on the cake, however, was that when I went to the bathroom later, I saw that M had written some notes and slipped them under the plunger and toilet cleaning spray, which each read, “You can use this” and “Also this.” Which I found absolutely ridiculous, because we didn’t need reminding to clean the toilet. Besides the fact we were all adults, her tantrum was enough to remember to do so.

Compared with the last story I told, this incident was more intense and, not only that, it also set off warning bells in my head that this roommate situation wouldn’t be as smooth as I’d thought it would be. More similar incidents would come, and that requires more posts to recount them!

Until then, bloggers!

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “My Roommate Story #2

  1. What a crazy story! When I lived in residence at school, the girls in my hall would tell me how their roommate (each single room was connected to another single room via a bathroom) always left them passive-aggressive notes on the mirror saying “I cleaned last week so I guess you can do it this week” and stuff like that. Me and my roommate found that ridiculous. We never had a schedule or a talk about who’s turn it was. We each cleaned it whenever it was necessary, even if it wasn’t our mess. We would tell the girls in our hall this and the concept seemed so foreign to them haha

    1. rebbit7

      I can understand. Maybe it’s the fact that I originally roomed with all girls, so cattiness was sure to ensue, especially with cleanliness. We shouldn’t be “owing” people for picking up work, let alone be passive-aggressive about it. Really, you don’t know whom you’re getting with roommates!

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