Cimorelli- Alive (SSJ #64)

Hello, bloggers!

It’s been another while since my last “Sunday Slow Jam,” due to vacation back in October and having to catch up with travel posts (and posts, in general) on WordPress. But for now, the music is back!

This week’s features the vocals of Cimorelli, a girl group consisting of six sisters– Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani– who are known for singing covers of current pop songs, along with composing some of their own music. “Alive” is one of their originals taken from their second full-length album Alive. 

“Alive” is a meditative ballad that reflects on the different emotions felt throughout one’s life: joy, grief, isolation, anger, pain, hope– all of which were represented in not only the beginning of the music video, but also perhaps in each of the sisters themselves. I found this quite symbolic, even spiritual, which demonstrates a significant change in the group’s usual bubblegum-pop covers and songs from previous albums and EPs.

Having listened to their songs over these last five, six years (wow, time flies!), I find it impressive just how much Cimorelli has grown from their sweet-teen status covering music from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to independently-creating their own songs based on their faith (they’re raised in a Catholic household). While I’m not religious, I respect the group’s decision to incorporate religious sounds to their music, as I think they’re comfortable with doing so, not to forget what they’re strong at doing.

With the youngest (Dani) in her late teens and the rest of the members full-fledged adults, Cimorelli has definitely matured in their style and sound, which might not necessarily gel with all their fans, but nevertheless is a sure-sign of success and happiness for them to come. I encourage you to give “Alive” a listen, and I wish you a pleasant day!

— The Finicky Cynic

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