The Liebster Award #4!

Hello, bloggers!

Last week, Jess from Daring To Jess nominated me for the Liebster Award! Although this is my fourth time receiving and accepting this award, I love answering the questions posed in the post, since no two are exactly the same!

You know the drill. Here we go:

The Rules:

  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Nominate between 5 to 11 other bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions

Questions for Me:

1. What are your favourite smells?

Strange as it sounds, the smell of leather shoes. Less-strange ones: light perfume and cold morning air (if that’s a smell to begin with!).

2. What do you do when you’re stressed?

Being unable to sleep well– lots of tossing and turning at night, along with frequent trips to the bathroom (TMI, I know…).

3. What is your favourite season and why?

Winter, but not for the winter blues.

4. Is there anything you regret from your childhood?

Not standing up for myself more.

5. Early bird or night owl?

More of an early bird than a night owl: I usually reach my breaking point around 2-3 am!

6. What is your biggest time-wasting habit?

Anything social media (Instagram, Facebook, WordPress). I’m very much part of this Millennial kick when it comes to procrastination!

7. What’s one thing you want to master?

Languages, especially French and Chinese.

8. What have you never tried but want to?

Fly Emirates first-class to Dubai…only time will tell if I get the money for that!

9. What’s your biggest fear?

The dark– hate the helpless uncertainty of not being able to see.

10. Describe the most precious thing in your room.

Practically-speaking, my passport (currently living abroad).

11. What do you want the old you to look back on and remember fondly?

The adventures that I had throughout my life through travel.

Facts About Me:

1. Really big avid tea drinker; I drink tea almost every day for lunch.

2. Next to water and tea, wine is a huge part of my beverage intake.

3. If you meet me in real life, I come across as super stoic and cynical, but deep down, I’m a romantic at heart.

4. Hugely introverted, and not ashamed of it!

5. I’m always dreaming about the next vacation to a new destination in the world. Alas though, I need money for it!

6. Trying to learn German and Italian at the moment, although I’d say that the former is much harder than the latter!

7. I still think that the year 2010 was just yesterday– crazy to believe that it’s been seven years!

8. I usually don’t jump on the trend of watching films when they’re first released into theaters: sometimes, it takes me several years to get to them, usually on DVD.

9. Next on my travel bucket list: Iceland.

10. Although I live and work in France, aka “baguette” capital, I rarely buy/eat baguettes: the only time I eat them are as sandwiches.

11. I have a hard time finding pants that fit me, because my lower legs are shorter than my thighs– that said, a lot of my pants end up tapering down (even over) my feet!


…and that’s it! I won’t nominate anyone in particular, but feel free to answer the questions down below:

1. The craziest travel experience you’ve ever had? (Give details!)

2. Your spirit flower (instead of spirit animal)?

3. Makeup or no makeup?

4. One drink you’d drink for the rest of your life?

5. A view that made you say “wow?”

6. Share a song that’s currently been on repeat for you.

7. Last book which you liked?

8. What’s one passion you absolutely love, but wouldn’t admit to your friends or family (don’t worry, safe space here!)?

9. Cake or pie?

10. How do you stay happy?

11. Sweaters or jackets?


Thanks, everyone! Until later.

— The Finicky Cynic

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