Woman Crush Saturday: Lauren Jauregui

Happy weekend, bloggers!

This month’s “Woman Crush” is Lauren Jauregui, one-fourth member of the girl-power group Fifth Harmony. Since 2012, she, along with the group, has garnered much popularity for their music, a blend of pop, dance, R&B, and so forth. Moreover, they’ve become role models to their fans, promoting “girl love” for the world to see.

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Now, I’d been aware that Fifth Harmony was a thing for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until just last year when their single, “Work from Home,” exploded on the radio that I started recognizing them. I admit, it’s taken until earlier this summer to finally put a name to each member’s face, which is a bit embarrassing, but all should be forgiven…

I’ll be honest and say that do like all members of Fifth Harmony: they’re all amazingly gorgeous and seem like a tight-knit, fun-loving family, but I have to say that, like any other “Harmonizer” fan, my bias is clearly Lauren.

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At first, I didn’t think much of Lauren, but then it was her large, mesmerizing green eyes that got to me, and since then, I’ve never looked back. What makes her even more distinctive is her strong connection to her Cuban roots, as the daughter of Cuban immigrants. She speaks Spanish fluently, and is proud of her heritage which I think is a great representation of our country’s (USA) diversity. Plus, being multilingual and proud is so sexy!

It’s amazing to see how far Lauren has come in the last few years, going from one-fourth of America’s sweetheart to a deadly bombshell who has everyone’s hearts (men and women alike) swooning. She’s still very young, but she’s certainly made her mark in the entertainment industry, as well as developing a massive, loyal following on her social media accounts. Her vocals are incredible, her looks killer, and it’s not a surprise that she’s just about everyone’s fantasy (we’re going to skip that god-awful “Camren” ship, for the record…). Recently coming out as bisexual, Lauren has paved a huge way for mainstream LGBTQ+ singers, which is incredible– she’s certainly taken on a lot of great causes for people today!

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Give Lauren some love, will you? Enjoy your day, lovely bloggers!

— The Finicky Cynic

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