“My First Time” Tag!

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Hey there, bloggers!

A week ago, Melissa from The Bookish Wanderer did this “My First Time” tag which I found super neat. A recent graduate, Melissa’s blog is chock-full of great lists and reads, which inspire me to *hopefully* pick up some books this summer. I encourage you to check out her blog!

In any case, this tag is YouTube-based, but has been reformatted into blog form. I love doing these kinds of question-tags, so I’ve decided to go for it! Let’s begin!

My First Time Tag

1. My first language?

Mandarin Chinese, because my parents are Taiwanese. I grew up speaking it exclusively at home until the age of five, when I started school in the United States. Sadly, its my weakest language today, as I can *sort of* speak it, but can barely read or write. I’d love to return to it someday and really polish it up!

2. My first toy?

First toy that I remember is a white teddy bear with a red-white polka dotted dress and bow. I loved her to pieces, but unfortunately forgot to bring her back on a trip from Las Vegas when I was no older than three. I was devastated, but my parents bought me a new teddy bear, and I’ve loved it since…and haven’t lost it!

3. First person you subscribed to on Youtube?

Not 100% sure, but I’d have to say nigahiga. He’s been putting up consistently-good videos over the years (eleven and counting!), and they never cease to make me laugh. They’re crazy and clever, and his videos should be the true example of what all YouTubers should look up to.

4. Where was your first sleepover?

Sometime in 5th grade at one of my classmate’s house. It was for one of the girl’s birthdays and we spent the night in pajamas goofing off and, at one point, blasting rap music because we thought we were so bad-ass. Stupid times, but wistful all the same…

5. The first book I remember reading?

I honestly don’t remember, but probably a picture book with one of those blocks you can pull out from the pages themselves as “interactive.” Fun stuff!

6. First movie you remember seeing?

I think it was Mulan in theaters; I remembered that I got scared in the middle of it, during the battle scenes, and I nagged my mom so much to leave that we left before it finished. Such a brat back then, but in any case, Mulan is one of my favorite movies today, after watching it (entirely) at least ten times!

7. My first ever cell phone?

It was a red flip phone; I got it in seventh or eighth grade and I remember how excruciatingly long it took to text people (having to hit keys multiple times to get to that one letter). Still liked it, though, as I used it to call my parents and housekeeper to be picked up after school. And of course, it was unbreakable!

8. My first fear?

The dark…still is today!

9. First make-up item?

Probably some kind of lip balm, which isn’t even make-up, but something cosmetic at least.

10. First time I ever got into trouble at school?

I don’t think this was my first one (ooohhh…), but the first one I remember. In second grade, I was friends with this girl and one time I was re-enacting a scene from some TV show that had someone slapping someone. Of course, me being dumb, I demonstrated by slapping her, not knowing that I was hurting her (again, so dumb…). She started crying, and I subsequently got punished by our teacher.

11. My first job?

If we’re counting hard-core, independently-earned cash (and not just parent’s allowances), then it would have to be freelance writing when I was twenty. Still working at it today, although it’s been on-and-off over the last four years. Not the best pay, but every dollar helps!

12. The first thing I do every morning?

Wake up, freshen up, do stretches and core exercises.

13. My first thought today?

“I’m so tired…” Not original at all!

14. The first text I sent today?

To one of my friends about writing, I believe, as we’re trying to start a travel blog together. We’ll see how it goes!

15. First broken bone?

Never broken a bone (knock on wood), but I’ve sprained my wrist and ankle before.

16. My first piercing?

No piercings! Definitely not “hole-y,” to say the least. šŸ˜‰

17. My first tattoo?

My first (and only) tattoo is that of the Chinese character for “luck.” Got it a few days before my 21st birthday, and while it hurt like hell, I have no regrets! Love it more and more every day. šŸ™‚

18. The first concert I ever attended?

Sara Bareilles, during the winter of my first year of college. Although she showed up two hours late, she gave a solid performance. Still remains one of my musical idols today!

19. The first person you text when something exciting happens?

Not a single person, but rather the group message for my family (mom, dad, sister).

20. My first ever boyfriend?

Never had one (and don’t really desire to)!

21. My first ever date?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever been on a romantic date before, so I’ll have to pass on this question.

22. My first ever kiss?

Oof…there’s a story (and a crazy one) about my first kiss. I’ll try to keep this short and free of details, but basically, I was 23, traveling in Italy, and had a thing with an Italian over ten years my senior. Trust me, I usually don’t end up in those situations when traveling, but it was consensual and I enjoyed it. Definitely something to write home about (well, maybe not to my parents…).

…and there you have it! “My first times” for *almost* everything! I encourage anyone of you to do this tag; I’d love to read your answers! Have a good day, bloggers. šŸ™‚

— The Finicky Cynic

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9 thoughts on ““My First Time” Tag!

  1. Im so happy you did this! :p lol flip phones were the best and I totally get what you mean about how it took forever to write messages…text talk or whatever would have made things so much easier xD

  2. Hahah omg I remember subscribing to Nigahiga too way back in the day. Him and ShimmmyCocoPuffs back in the Asian youtuber craze days. Would definitely be interested in reading your travel blog, keep me posted on the details! Loved the Italian boy story as well, never know where life takes you šŸ™‚

    1. rebbit7

      Nigahiga is great; I love how his videos are consistently good, even after over 10 years on YouTube! Will definitely keep you posted about the travel blog I’m co-writing…the Italian boy story was certainly one for the books–just might write a post in detail about it!

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