soundbites (poem)


this just in:
our thoughts, fried
scrambled in pop culture,

crash-surfing the couch
static waves on point-break,
hang-a-ten ‘til the next
Hawaii Five-O.

channeling new news in
60 Minutes.

telling us
What Not to Wear
…or to wear anything at all.

soundbites leaving us
hungry for more:

like food for america— god bless
comfort potatoes,
soul pancakes,
the glory of gettin’
down with Paula’s Home Cooking.

MTV holidays for sonic youths
getting buzzed on
Saved by the Bell,
a thrashscene too hardcore
to slow-rewind:

start building our grassroots from g-zero
nfl pregame show highlights of the week
wall street is falling down

— The Finicky Cynic

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