Tim Be Told- Mighty Sound (SSJ #51)

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

Granted, it’s been a couple of years since I last listened to this track, but just recently, it popped back into my mind again, and after checking it out once more on Youtube, memories of when I first heard it came back to me.

I first was introduced to this song in my last year of college; I roomed with three other apartment mates off-campus, all three whom were of the Christian faith. While I am not Christian, I respect those who are, and throughout my college career attending a few worship nights to support my friends. It was interesting to learn about the religion as an outsider, seeing how my friends and peers use it as a way to live their life the way that their God wanted it to be. Unfortunately, I’ve sort of lost touch with my apartment mates after graduation, but still, I have fond memories to reflect upon: the serious, the funny, and everything in between.

Any case, one of my apartment mates introduced me to Tim Be Told’s “Mighty Sound” back then, and I was moved by the simple, but touching lyrics of finding your voice, despite the ephemeral quality of life and death. The “mighty sound” sung throughout the track represents that voice, whether it is used to stand up for yourself or to say something that you’ve mean meaning to say for a long time. Aside from the lyrics themselves, the melody is uplifting and will sure to help make you feel better after a crappy day.

Overall, “Mighty Sound” an underrated song, and despite whether you are Christian (or not, like me), it is an appropriate slow jam to help you prepare for any challenges you might face in the future…such as that soon-to-be Monday grind!

Give it a listen, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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