One Direction- Perfect (SSJ #49)

Happy Sunday, folks!

It’s been a while since the last “Sunday Slow Jam,” but in any case, it’s back…and very much alive! This week, I present “Perfect” by One Direction, taken from their most recent album, Made in the A.M.

While I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan of One Direction, I do have to say that their songs are immensely catchy, to the point of infectious even. “Perfect” is just that, with its power ballad-like sound and verses to make you feel at once empowered and ready to jam out to.

Although this track doesn’t feature Zayn Malik’s vocals (he’d left the group prior to this song being recorded), all the same it works out. The aesthetics of the music video is definitely going for that artsy, black-and-white feel, even though really, it’s just showing a bunch of privileged white boys enjoying the rich, hotel life. Strangely enough, it again all works. Despite the problems with the group’s history and Malik’s departure, “Perfect” is still a pleasant song to listen to, even if it’s created by “less-than-perfect” individuals. Then again, we’re all not perfect, are we?

Give this song a listen, will you? Enjoy the last of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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