Q&A Time! (2000 Follows)

Hello, bloggers!

Finally, here’s the post that you may (or may not) have been waiting for: Q&A! I have taken your questions and compiled them onto this blog post for your pleasure, as a way to get to know me just a bit better. Thank you to all of those who have submitted questions- they were much appreciated!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

I have many favorite aspects when it comes to blogging, but one of them would have to be writing what I want to write. Having gone through years and years of preparatory drills in essay writing at school, it’s great to have a virtual space like WordPress to be able to express oneself freely, without worrying so much about it being formal, let alone cohesive. Random posts, ftw!

2. What is your favorite place that you’ve visited and where is one place you’d LOVE to visit but haven’t yet?

As you might know, I’m an avid traveler who’s always searching for the next, new place to go. So far, I’ve visited over thirty countries on four continents, so it’s extremely difficult to decide just on one country that’s my favorite.

If I had to choose, though, I would say that an all-around favorite (in terms of good food, good architecture/nature, and good weather) would have to be Portugal: I was in the big cities of Lisbon and Porto, along with smaller towns like Sintra and Aveiro, back in February 2016 and to this day remains one of my favorite trips. From the fresh, salty bacalhau to the jaw-dropping views of the sea, Portugal has both my heart and mind. ❤

One place that I would love to visit in the future would have to be Southeast Asia. Granted, it encompasses several countries, but I’m cheating a bit by writing a region- still counts, right? Since watching travel videos of places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, I’ve fallen in love with the lush beauty of nature, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the cities, and of course, the food! It’ll be years before I’ll have enough money to fly all the way over, but I won’t stop dreaming!

3. What is a typical day in the real world like for you? 

Even though it appears from my travel posts that I’m at some new destination every day, it’s not the case. Often times, I’m holed up in my room for most of the day, working on my freelance writing job. Not only that, but also I’m currently doing my Master’s online, so that takes up time.

Really, there’s nothing much else to it: I eat, I sleep, I exercise, I write. Only when vacation time comes do I come alive, and I’m out of the house before you can say “ready!”

4. If you could cook one meal for anyone in the world, what would you cook and who would it be?

A difficult question…not only because I don’t know which meal or which person to choose, but also knowing that I’m a terrible cook is limiting to what I can actually make.

Let’s just imagine that I’m a fabulous chef to broaden the options: I would probably cook something Chinese (e.g. tang yuan, lu dan, etc.) for my parents. Especially my mom, who’s fed both me and my sister since we were conceived from her womb, it would be a nice way to give back after all of these years with the same dishes that she’s prepared for us every single day of our childhood.

5. What do you love most about travelling? What do you find hardest?

Abstract as it sounds, I love traveling for the freedom it offers, along with the people–diverse and passionate–whom you meet along the way, and whom you bond over with jokes and stories that are plenty to last a lifetime (and then some). I can’t say that I have a single thing that I love most about traveling, just because there are way too many, but in essence, it’s the experiences that create personal growth in the self that I love.

On the other hand, what is challenging about traveling is that you can’t ever really rest, at least not fully. Especially if you’re going from city to city, country to country either in rapid succession or stretched out over months, it can get exhausting after a while, just not having a stable place to call home and constantly having to live through your backpack. The magic can wear out quickly, and it’s a matter of keeping yourself motivated to carry on while in the midst of traveling. However, it’s after returning home and resting up that you feel the itch to go out again, and that’s what makes it all the worthwhile!

6. What do you like most in France?

As you might also know, I’ve been teaching English in France for the past two years. I’m currently back in the States for the summer, but will be returning to France in the fall to continue teaching. After two years of living in France, I would say that one thing that I like about France is the culture, specifically, the lax attitude when it comes to work and play.

In other words, the French have mastered the art of balancing between working long 9-to-5 days and relaxing on nights and weekends with friends and family over dinner parties (often lots of wine) and hours of conversation (trust me: I’ve experienced several of them). We don’t do even half of that in the United States, as much of our culture is work-driven, to the point of neglecting other responsibilities like family and friendships (again, I’ve also experienced it the hard way). This isn’t to say that the French model is perfect, especially when the work-leisure balance can interfere with convenience and getting things done otherwise, but I’ve learned to love it over these years.

…and that’s about it! Hope my answers were what you wanted. Have yourself a great day, and until later!

— The Finicky Cynic

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9 thoughts on “Q&A Time! (2000 Follows)

  1. Where do you teach in France ? I like going to France. I have been there a few times. So you speak French fluently I suppose ? I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. rebbit7

      I taught in Normandy for the last two years, and will be changing regions starting this fall. I speak pretty good French, although by no means fluently. Thanks for reading!

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