Man Crush Monday: Guy Berryman

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Man Crush Monday,” in which I fill you in on my current male celebrity crush. With that, let’s dive right in!

This month’s man-candy is that of Guy Berryman, the sexy Scottish bassist for the British band Coldplay. Ever since I got introduced to the band’s music as a child, I had a huge thing for Berryman. With his boyish face and seemingly quiet demeanor, I developed a soft spot for him. ❤

Taken from Listal.

While it’s true that Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin, takes most of the spotlight from the band, I admit you have to acknowledge Berryman, as well as the others, for making the music together in the first place! There’s not much known about Berryman’s life aside from what’s put out on Wikipedia (then again, who knows if all the information is credible?).

Taken from Pinterest.

Any case, can we take a second to admire, once again, his boyish charm? Seriously, he’s pushing 40 and he still looks like his younger self from almost twenty years ago, when Coldplay first started up! Given that he has a lean, runner’s physique, it makes him all the more adorable (not to forget attractive)!

Taken from Pinterest.

Give Berryman some love for me, will you? Have a good week!

— The Finicky Cynic

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