I’m Back from Vacation!


Whew, finally back from vacation! Just got back last night, and I was utterly exhausted. Despite being just a ten-day trip, it was definitely a whirlwind of getting to and from places, sharing rooms with people in hostels, and being on my feet pretty much all day exploring the cities.

If you’re curious to know where I went this time, I went to Poland! It was my first time visiting, and while it might not necessarily be a hot-spot in Europe (at least compared with Western European countries like France, Italy, and England), it was absolutely beautiful, and I’m glad to have spent a good amount of time exploring all sides of the country, from the very north in Gdansk near the Baltic Sea to the south in Zakopane near the border with Slovakia. Of course, Warsaw and Krakow were must-sees, so I went there, too.

From all of the sightseeing and traveling I did these past ten days, I am definitely spent. I’ll be slowly writing up my posts of my adventures starting next week, using this week as a buffer to catch up with work and whatnot. Posts will continue to come, so look out for them!

Thanks for everything- really, it feels so good to be back home (at least, in France!).

— The Finicky Cynic

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