My Favorite Travel YouTubers!


As you know, I love to travel. Besides traveling, however, when I’m not out and about exploring somewhere new in the world, I’m at home…watching YouTube videos to satisfy my wanderlust!

…yes, I know. I’m crazy when it comes to thinking about travel almost 24/7, not just from strolling through Instagram feed after feed of the various travel accounts I follow, but also watching YouTube personalities blog (or rather, vlog) about their epic adventures all over the globe. It’s one-part inspirational, one-part jealousy when it comes to seeing just how beautiful the places are!

Especially if you’re as big of a YouTube viewer as I am, I have compiled a short list of the travel vloggers whom I follow, so that perhaps you’ll be just as inspired to get out and explore as I did! I’ll also link their channels in this post, should you be interested in checking them out further!

With that said, let’s get to the list!

My Favorite Travel YouTubers

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1. Amanda Round the Globe. Although a relatively-new YouTube channel, this one nevertheless is a good one to start off this list with. Filmed and uploaded by the eponymous traveler herself, Amanda Round the Globe follows the journey of Amanda herself as she hops all over the world, from her beginnings in Europe to South America to Asia to, finally, Australia, where she’s currently working. It’s a small channel, but it’s packed with so much travel advice, as well as excellent tips to save money and go minimalist in order to afford what she’s done so far. Having gone pretty much non-stop on traveling for almost a year and a half, it doesn’t look like Amanda is stopping anytime soon!

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2. DamonAndJo. Really, who doesn’t love Damon and Jo?! Hip, funny, and downright talented in languages (seriously, they speak about six languages each!), this duo are ultimately friendship goals when it comes to traveling and living it up! I first discovered them about two years ago when they were still relatively small (under 100,000 subscribers) and I’m so happy that they’ve grown so much over these last couple of years, recently hitting 600,000 (and not stopping anytime soon!). From Brazil to France to Thailand, they’ve hit so many places all over the glove, all the while giving us great, off-the-beaten-path tips to enjoy yourself wherever you go. To be honest, I wish they were my friends and join them on their adventures!

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3. Hey Nadine. Bubbly and extremely intelligent, Canadian travel vlogger Nadine Sykora is an incredible human being who has traveled to countless destinations all over the world, doing so since what seems like forever (four years? Ten years?? We’ll never know…). Her video-editing skills are on-point, too, with shots of her destinations being so crisp and gorgeous. I also enjoy her advice videos on how to travel smart, and I love how she gives off such a confident attitude when it comes to something was daunting as traveling itself. Truly an inspiration to all travelers out there!

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4. Psycho Traveller. For as long as I can remember, Psycho Traveller was one of the very first YouTube travel channels that I subscribed to. Led by the fearless Aly, aka “Psycho Traveller” herself, this channel documents her travels mostly throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, which I find super impressive, because those places are parts of the world where I have yet to touch on. Just seeing all of her videos documenting the lush landscapes, jaw-dropping beautiful temples, and mouthwatering food makes me all the more inspired and motivated to head over, to destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand. She also posts travel hack videos for saving money and packing smartly, which are useful for any traveler out there to learn about!

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5. Wolters World. Just like with Psycho Traveller, I’ve been subscribed to Wolters World for as long as I can remember. Presented by Mark Wolter, a university professor in Business, the channel is predominantly a tips/advice one for knowing what to expect when you travel, as well as its signature “5 Things You Will Love/Hate about insert-country-here.” Most of Wolter’s travels focus on Europe and North America, but all the same, I appreciate enjoy the genuine, no sugar-coating advice that he gives, which are super-detailed and just natural. Plus, Wolter seems like a cool guy to hang out with, and I find his family- Jocelyn, his wife, and his two kids absolutely adorable! Gotta love them!

…all right, that’s it for me! Have you got any favorite travel YouTubers you enjoy watching? Let me know! Take care, fellow bloggers (and travelers)! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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