Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Time to eat, drink, and make merry! 😛

The Finicky Cynic

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Granted, I don’t really celebrate St. Paddy; my only extent of acknowledging the day is to wear something green- and it doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely green, either (like, shamrock socks or something).

Don’t know much about the meaning behind the holiday, except the fact that 1) it’s Irish-based, 2) it involves the myth of leprechauns, rainbows, gold, and four-leaf clovers, and 3) it is an excuse for people all over the world to go out and get drunk as hell. 😛

Really, Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t really have much purpose in American culture; the holiday has become secular, in a way, if it were to begin with at all. But I think it’s a quirky concept, and so I will celebrate the day by wearing green shorts! Perhaps a green T-shirt if I’m ambitious. 😛

In any case, enjoy the festivities! Make good choices…

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