Lana del Rey- Born to Die (SSJ #43)

Happy Sunday, folks!

Going off just yesterday’s post about my girl crush on Lana del Rey, I wanted to share with you one of her songs, taken from her 2012 album Born to Die.

The eponymous (and opening) track oozes melancholy, even heavy, to say the least. The gravitas of it all, paired with the haunting echo of del Rey’s voice as she sings about accepting the fate that, at one point in life, we will leave this earth, from cradle to grave.

Not the most uplifting song out there, but somehow, it all works. Must be the production, starting with the whipping violins reminiscent of old western films to the dry, bell percussion throughout, knelling their way towards the “finish line” of the song, or the end of one’s life, if you interpret it to be that way.

What made me fall in love with “Born to Die” (along with del Rey herself) back when I first heard it had to do with the music video that accompanied the song. You can tell that lots of time and money was put into it, from the location set in the Fontainebleau Palace near Paris (where I’ve visited before- holla!) to the overall concept of riches and royalty tied together with a twisted, unhappy relationship (as played by del Rey herself and model Bradley Soileau).

Everything about this music video screams aesthetics: del Rey looks none so gorgeous in every shot, from her taking her throne inside the palace flanked by two white tigers to the penultimate shot of her in a simple white nightgown walking toward the gates of Heaven. I was obsessed with this music video back when it came out in late 2011, and recently did I return to it, still blown away.

Feel free to give it a listen. Happy weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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