Josh Groban- February Song (SSJ #42)

Happy Sunday! 🙂

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jam” features the deep, rich vocals of American singer Josh Groban. This particular track, “February Song,” is one of my favorites from Groban, taken from his 2006 album Awake.

Quiet, gentle, and reflective, “February Song” has that lilting, piano-driven ballad feel to it. Although the lyrics are about the singer wondering about the loss of a friend, it’s at the same time hopeful, in that the two might meet up again someday.

Interestingly enough, this track was co-written with John Ondrasik, aka the singer Five for Fighting, whom I also enjoy listening to. I could see why he was a contributing writer, just from hearing the easy-listen, soft-pop vibes throughout. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Josh Groban’s music, considering that I used to play it regularly while growing up. I’m glad to have revisited them, though, especially with “February Song;” I thought that this track would be a good one to wrap up the month of February, with its short, but pleasant glory.

You might also be pleasantly surprised to know that Josh Groban’s birthday is tomorrow (February 27th), so that makes it more of a reason to listen to and enjoy this song! Feel free to give it a listen. Have a good rest of the weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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