Mark Bradshaw- “Bright Star” Soundtrack (SSJ #39)

Happy Sunday!

This week’s “Sunday Slow Jam” will be slightly different, for it’ll be featuring not just one song in particular, but rather an entire soundtrack from one of my favorite films ever, Bright Star. Recounting the life of the 19th-century Romantic poet John Keats and his romance with Fanny Brawne, this film hit all the good notes in acting, cinematography, poetry and, of course, music.

The Bright Star soundtrack was composed by score producer Mark Bradshaw (who’s actually the partner of Ben Whishaw, who plays John Keats in the film), and it’s utterly beautiful. Very string-based with the violin, cello, and harp(?), the nine-track soundtrack is a blend of lovely instrumentals with soothing recitations from some of Keats’ best works, which for me being a huge Keats fan can’t help but fall in love with. From the gentle introduction in “Negative Capability” to the raw, intense “Yearning,” each track captures an emotion, of which leaves the music listener aching and absolutely wrenched in the end. Because really, it’s a sad love story in the film, and even if we haven’t experienced love before, you can almost feel it just with the music itself.

I highly encourage you to give the soundtrack a listen: it’s not very long, and each piece is no more than five minutes, and it’ll really give you something to think about in terms of what love really is in relation to that in today’s society. If you haven’t seen the film, either, then I would say give it a go as well!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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