Woman Crush Saturday: Mackenzie Davis


Welcome to this new year’s first “Woman Crush Saturday,” in which I feature current woman celebrity crush for the month. This month’s is no other than Mackenzie Davis, a Canadian actress who has appeared in TV shows such as Halt and Catch Fire and Black Mirror, the latter which I posted a fan review here.

Now, although I think Davis is absolutely stunning in her natural form, her turn as the geeky redhead in the Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” just made me swoon. Usually, I don’t find those ginormous, round 80’s glasses attractive (remind me too much of that awkward, 80’s college student fashion that I saw in old magazines), but when placed on Davis’ character, Yorkie, it just makes her so damn adorable. And making those big, baby-blue eyes pop, well, I’m gone…

Too precious…

Besides having a face that makes me want to cuddle with her, let’s talk about her height- she’s tall. Like, 5’11” tall…plus, her thin frame works well with the character, giving Yorkie that gangly, awkward posture that just makes her all the more precious…!

Seriously, that perpetual innocent puppy look that Davis conveys in Yorkie’s character is too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love bold, confident, and seductive female characters (especially Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character, Kelly, who is the PB to Yorkie’s jam, if you know what I mean…); but when it comes to awkward, timid female characters, I can resonate with them even better, just because I am like that in real life, and well, it is seductive in its own right!

I’ve probably voiced my opinions too much on this blog, but if you haven’t yet seen “San Junipero” from Black Mirror, I highly encourage you to check it out! It’s on Netflix, so if you have it, give it a go! Not only does it feature attractive people like Davis doing attractive things, but the episode itself is really deep and offers you a lot to think about concerning technology and life after death (oops, semi-spoiler alert!).

Have a good weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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8 thoughts on “Woman Crush Saturday: Mackenzie Davis

  1. I haven’t seen her in any other series than Black Mirror but you are totally right her character is so lovely and attractive in a way ! Plus this episode is a really good one(like most of them actually aha) 😀

    1. rebbit7

      Glad you agree! Mackenzie Davis is too precious beyond words. “San Junipero” is hands down my favorite episode from Black Mirror’s third season, but “Nosedive” is a close second. 🙂

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