(Guest Post) “To Kiss, Or Not To Kiss?”

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To Kiss, Or Not To Kiss?

Kissable lips are just more tantalizing. Lips are meant to be full and smooth, but going after that look with the certain cosmetic procedures can be bad for your health.

Society these days considers full lips a true symbol of beauty. Just look at celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and others whose lips (paired with their fine acting skills) have carried them to stardom! To keep up with this standard, there are those who regularly inject their lips with collagen. This makes them bigger, but many also see this as overdoing it. Furthermore, collagen isn’t native to the body, meaning adverse health effects are to be expected.

Additionally, there are those who use lipsticks and balms which are cheaply manufactured, featuring chemicals which have been known to have unhealthy effects on those who use them. Chemicals like parabens and petrolatum are not good for the body, and any cosmetic formulas which use them should be avoided. Unfortunately, many favorite lip balms use these chemicals, and are purchased by consumers who don’t know any better.

However, there are natural solutions to help keep your lips kissable while maintaining their health perpetually. Since that first kiss can make or break the direction of any potential relationship, it’s important that your lips are at their best when the moment strikes. People have turned to more natural balms like EOS lip balm. Many of these natural items contain vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to encourage proper lip health, which in the end can be a better choice for people.

True, fuller lips can be a focal point of the face. But those who have achieved this look through toxic chemicals can end up damaging their beautiful puckers in the long run. That said, it’s better to go the natural route to retain maximum effect without harm to your body.

This is a guest post for The Finicky Cynic

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