Destination: Aarhus, Denmark


If you’re just joining this blog, so far I’ve been recapping my old travels in a series I’d like to call “Throwback Travels.” For the next three weeks or so, I’ll be going over places that I’ve visited before 2013 (aka before I started this blog), and hopefully you’ll enjoy them! This week will be about my trip to Scandinavian in the summer of 2012; so far, I’ve covered Copenhagen and Oslo, and today, we’re back in Denmark exploring the cute, quaint city of Aarhus! 🙂

Pronounced “arr-hoose,” this Danish city is the second largest in the country, right after Copenhagen, which is located about 116 miles away from it. Aarhus is the center hub for its culture and economy, which is surprising, because before taking this trip, I hadn’t even heard of the place! Although we only spent an afternoon in town, I got a nice impression overall of it.

Our tour guide was an old Danish lady with a rather thick accent, but I could still relatively understand what she was saying about the city of Aarhus as we walked around. We first stopped by a Viking museum, which was actually underground since it is a former archaeological excavation site for Viking artifacts, dating all the way back 1200 years ago. Saw not only relics, but also models of how the people lived and worked back in the day. This was one of the many places we ended up going to throughout the Scandinavian trip that we were shown Viking stuff…I ain’t surprised, since it’s a huge thing up north in Europe!

Next, we entered the cathedral of Aarhus, one of the tallest ones in Scandinavia. With elegant gates, medieval paintings, and a grand organ inside, I found the place to be quite lovely (then again, this was before I traveled heavily throughout Europe and been to a bit too many churches/cathedrals to get desensitized to their beauty…who knows?).

We took a scenic stroll around the city, passing through narrow, winding streets peppered with occasional tiny quarters and shopping district. Our tour guide showed us some old outhouses (aka outdoor toilets) which date all the way back to the 16th and 17th centuries- how pleasant! 😛 In addition, she guided us to a tiny, lovely street with absolutely colorful houses, which were much like those in Nyhavn, except these were inside the heart of the city (and not near a port).

Scenic stroll through Aarhus...with our tour guide!
Scenic stroll through Aarhus…with our tour guide!
Colorful houses dating back to the 17th century.
Colorful houses dating back to the 17th century.

We were also set on going to the ARoS art museum, but unfortunately, it was closed when we go there. Instead, our tour guide took us to another, smaller cathedral, and afterwards, we finished our tour. Headed back to the ship, and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until dinner that night.

Final views of Aarhus (that rhymed!).
Final views of Aarhus (that rhymed!).

All in all, I would say that Aarhus was quite nice, even though it was a very short visit. I would liken the size and atmosphere of the city to other ones I’ve been to, such as Passau, Germany or Toulouse, France- interesting, but perhaps just a day trip over. Glad to have explored a lesser-known place during the Scandinavian trip, especially when the other ones we went to either were the country’s capitals or a popular destination spot…which we did the following day after Aarhus, actually!

Stay tuned for the next destination! It’ll be a long, big one as we are going to none other than the famous Berlin, Germany! 😀

— The Finicky Cynic

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