Destination: Oslo, Norway


Welcome back to another “Throwback Travels” post, in which I recount my travels throughout the world prior to 2013 (before starting this blog). After recounting a good time in Copenhagen, it is now time to head off for Oslo, Norway!

From Copenhagen, we had embarked on our cruise ship, which would be taking us through Scandinavia for the next seven to eight days. After a day at sea, we arrived in Oslo, and proceeded to disembark for a day tour of Norway’s capital city.

We first headed to the Fram Museum, a museum dedicated to the history of Norwegian polar exploration (which I hadn’t even heard about until then- quite fascinating!). We toured the museum, checking out actual and model fishing ships.

Afterwards, we headed over to another museum, the Maritime museum, which is pretty self-explanatory in its name. 😛 There was a huge ship on display inside the room, and we got to go inside it. The ship was very cramped, with corridors wide enough only for one person to move through, thereby making the tour a single, one-way loop through. Stairs were super tiny as well, and I had to be careful in taking small steps so as not to trip over them! There were many artifacts inside the ship, from items discovered during the expeditions to journal entries to harpoons! Although I never had much knowledge (let alone interest) for Norwegian history, I still found those museums quite interesting. Talk about being cultured… 😉

In any case, we exited the Maritime museum and proceeded to board a ship right outside for a short cruise along the Norwegian fjord, which are long and narrow inlets with large cliffs along the sides of the water that were created from glacial erosion. Norway is especially known for having the most fjords in the world, at 29,000 kilometers; considering that the country’s quite up north there, I’m not surprised at the number!

The boat ride was pleasant, and we saw plenty of houses built on some of the islands along the fjord. Our tour guide told us that those places are very expensive, with estimated costs of around 1 million krone (close to $150,000 USD). Mind you, they’re tiny houses, too! Then again, with such good views of the place, I shouldn’t be surprised…

Sailing along the Norwegian fjord.
Sailing along the Norwegian fjord.
Cute, colorful houses along the fjord.
Cute, colorful houses along the fjord.

After the short cruise along the fjord, we headed back to where our big cruise ship was docked for the day. We were stationed right next to the Akershus Castle (aka Akershus Fortress) which back in the day served to protect the city of Oslo; surprisingly, it had never been completely attacked, and over the centuries has survived many sieges from German and Swedish forces; it remains in almost pristine condition today.

Basically, we were finished touring Oslo within three-and-a-half hours, and spent the rest of the  day relaxing, eating dinner, and watching an entertainment show. While there wasn’t much to Oslo itself (or, maybe I didn’t see other places, since the tour only covered the highlights), I wouldn’t mind returning to visit more cities in Norway, perhaps venture out into the north like those Norwegian explorers (well, maybe not, but one can dream!). 😉

That’s it for now! More posts to come soon. Next stop: Aarhus, Denmark!

— The Finicky Cynic

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