On Vacation…Again!

Hello, fellow bloggers! 🙂

As you can tell by the title of this post, the time comes once again for me to go on another world adventure! Although it has been only a little over a month since I have returned from Europe (wooow, so long…), the wanderlust in me has been itching to go out and travel once more.

I will be leaving tonight, catching the plane with my family to another undisclosed destination (although I can guarantee you that it will be overseas). Frankly, I’m not the one for long flights, especially when we have to make a connection in between, which is the worse. Anyway, I have no choice but to manage it… 😛

As usual with my “on vacation” announcements, I will be taking a break from daily blogging, in order to focus on my vacation: the destinations, the experiences made, and well, life, in general. I will be gone until the beginning of July, but expect me to pop in once in a while with a random post or comment on some of your blogs in the meanwhile.

Another thing: I am aware that the “June Jour Challenge” is still going on this month. Today is only Day 13, and there remains two more days until it ends. For those who enjoy it, I will still be posting the last two prompts for this year’s challenge on my blog, although they will be scheduled. I will not be able to go in and make them sticky (i.e. re-post on your Feed), so it’s up to you to find and do them. I believe in you! 😉

Any case, I hope you enjoy the rest of the month of June; summer’s just starting, so why not celebrate it? Happy blogging, and safe travels!

— The Finicky Cynic

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