California (poem)


I still think of the ocean’s lips
kissing the sky, her touch
light like clouds
that amble by
parallel to the waves.

Too long has it been
away from home—
a day never passed
without sun and sea
in perfect harmony
against golden shores,
golden skin,
thoughts of nothing but
time spent
curled in the sand,
flags raised high above
roaring in the wind,

dreaming warm nostalgia
half a channel away…

(It has been a long while since I’ve posted a poem that I had written. Not that I haven’t been writing recently (the contrary, actually!), but rather I have been using the time to catch up with my travel posts. As a result, Poetry Wednesday had to cease for a bit. It is back now, though, so I hope you enjoyed this week’s poem, as it’s quite a personal one for me. Take care!)

— The Finicky Cynic

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