Q&A Time!!!

Hello! 🙂

Finally, it’s happening! My Q&A for my 1000 Follows on WordPress is here! I have gotten a good amount of questions from you, my fellow bloggers and readers, and so I thank you all for contributing. This post wouldn’t happen without your efforts!

Now, I have received many questions which relate to blogging (general and personal), as well as on my personal experiences while traveling around in Europe so far. Great questions, and without further ado, let’s get to them!

(Note: I will not be writing the names of those who had asked the questions, in case they don’t want to be singled out for it. Also, it’s to save space in this post. So if you see your question featured, be *secretly* happy!)


1. (Got some similar questions related to blogging, so putting them together in one question):

a) How can I get my thoughts and ideas out there with blogging and make money at the same time? 

b) What’s your advice to a new-ish blogger, to help them write the most fulfilling blog they can?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to the question about making money while blogging, as I am not doing that with this blog (have been considering it recently, but still unsure about it). But I can say that with the blogging aspect, writing what you want to write about is important. Perhaps you’re passionate about beauty and healthy lifestyle- write about that! Or maybe you’re a teenager who is still figuring out life- write about your daily thoughts!

Generally speaking, keep your posts neat (no large block of text, please- it’s an eyesore), the language engaging (vary your sentences, avoid a ton of slang), and keep it relatable to a public audience, but also personal to you.

2. (Got several questions related to how I stay motivated/find inspiration for daily posts, so combining them here):

a) What is your favorite thing about blogging? And what do you do if you can’t think of anything to write about? 

b) How do you stay motivated to write blog posts so often?! (It’s very admirable!)

I love blogging for the sake of writing! In social situations, I am extremely reserved and shy, and so writing has allowed me to express myself better, also to an audience without having to deal with the anxiety of dealing with people in public.

I have to be honest here and say that, in my two-plus years of blogging on WordPress, I have rarely experienced writer’s block. Don’t know how exactly, but I always seem to have something to write about every day. But I would say that during the *very few* times that I do struggle a bit to come up with something, I look to inspiration from other bloggers and their posts. Reading other people’s works is just as important for blogging as writing posts, so perhaps give that a try!

…as for staying motivated to write every day (and with quality posts), I am driven…by my mind! I always have something going on in my head that I would like to put down on paper (or rather, here on WordPress), as well as for sharing with you! Granted, it can be a bit tough to put out content every day, especially when I’m busy working and traveling, but I do my best to keep you entertained (as well as my creative juices flowing!).

3. (From one blogger, I received multiple questions):

a) You seem to have travelled quite a bit and so which continent do you like better, north America or Europe, in terms of travel? Europe, for sure: not only is the continent much, much smaller than North America, but also it’s cheaper to travel around- within cities, regions, even countries! Flights to and from places are never more than 100 euros, and you can score incredible deals with trains and buses.

b) What are the top three places on your travel list that you haven’t been to yet? Outside of this year, the three places that I would like to visit are Poland, Morocco, and Thailand.

c) Why did you initially start your blog and did you ever think that it would grow so huge? I’ve always enjoyed writing, and wanted a place to express my thoughts while also sharing them with people. Originally, I had a blog on Blogger.com, but shortly transferred over to WordPress. I did not imagine that “The Finicky Cynic” would get to this point now, but I am happy to see how far it has come since over two years ago. 🙂

4. Does blogging affect your travel plans? Or vice versa?! Interesting question…however, I would have to say that my travel plans affect my blogging schedule, due to the timing of when I leave and return. Typically, for long travels (typically, my two-week vacations), I just do not blog, as I am preoccupied with visiting and enjoying myself in the places that I’m seeing. But of course, I always give you warning before I leave, just so you aren’t left hanging on WordPress, wondering where I disappeared off to! 😛

5. What was your favorite country so far? PS: The only answer is Switzerland ;D Haha! Thank you, “not-so-anonymous” blogger! Yes, Switzerland was pleasant, but I would have to say that I greatly enjoyed Portugal back in February. Lots of sun, plenty of beautiful architecture and mindblowingly gorgeous views of the sea, friendly people, and amazing food. #sorrynotsorry. 😉

6. What has been your best memory so far on your European adventure? How have your Couchsurfing experiences been? Any really bad/good ones? Ooh, that is difficult…If I only had to pick one, though, then I would say that trying tapas for the first time in Barcelona back in February was really wonderful! I was happy that I had chosen a highly-rated one on Yelp beforehand, and I had good company while trying some incredibly mind-blowing plates: I still dream about that artichoke-cheese-caviar dish, as well as that salmon, honey-truffled sandwich. Oh là là…I’m getting hungry just thinking about them! 😛

I am planning to write in more detail about my Couchsurfing experiences in a later post, but generally speaking, I have had pretty good experiences using Couchsurfing. A couple of strange ones, but never dangerous (thank goodness!). More to come soon!

7. (Got several questions related to my future plans after teaching in France):

a) What are your plans after your time in France is done?

b) I could ask if you met anyone cute while in Europe, but I’ll ask this instead: Do you have any summertime travel plans post-teaching?

Haha! Thanks for question b), “another-not-so-anonymous” blogger! Yes, I’ve met many a cute person while in Europe, but nothing became of it. Not terribly sad because of it, as I know that I’m only here for a short period of time to be able to establish serious relationships with people.

…in any case, I do have some plans right after I finish teaching. I return to the United States in May, and will be basically relaxing during the summer, traveling a bit with my family in June and July. Have a free-lancing job (which I hope to keep), so I’ll be making some money there. Would like to meet up with my friends as well; it’s been way too long!

All right, that’s it for now! Again, thank you to all who asked me questions; I had a good time answering them! Perhaps I will make another Q&A post for my next milestone, so until then! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

P.S. Now, I am aware that today marks the first day of April, aka “April Fool’s Day,” but I could care less about it. In fact, it’s one of my least-favorite holidays; you can read about my distaste for it in last year’s post here.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A Time!!!

  1. Hey! I’m also a massive fan of Europe, currently making my way around the whole continent – next up Slovakia and Austria, then last on this year, Brussels and Reykjavik, after visiting Spain last month. I love Poland though, so happy to see you’d like to go – I’d recommend Krakow, i spent four days. Such an amazing city, and with Auschwitz nearby… wow, it certainly made an impact. I’d love to go to Warsaw next.


    1. rebbit7

      Awesome! Just backpacking around Europe, eh? Poland is definitely on my list of places to go in the near future. Looking forward!

      1. Not backpacking, I live in London, so I take lots of little breaks throughout the year. I live 30 mins away from two airports – win! If food is your thing, Poland’s your place! Loved it, and it’s so cheap over there. Feast like kings!

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