Destination: Bern, Switzerland

Hey, folks!

Nice to see you back! As you know, I have been recounting my travels in Switzerland during the last week of January. I have already told you about my adventures in Geneva and Lausanne, and now, we are moving on to our next city: Bern!

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and is known for its incredibly gorgeous Old Town (Altstadt). From its cobblestone roads to the numerous, different fountains and churches, this particular area is the main tourist attraction for the city- and for a good reason! 🙂

Another thing to know is that Bern is situated on the German side of the country (Switzerland has four national languages: French, German, Italian, and Romansh (the last one native to the country). I was coming from the French side (Geneva and Lausanne are from there; I know French, so I was comfortable enough to get around), and so having the streets and signs in German made it a *slight* challenge for me, considering that I don’t know German. But since Bern is such an international, touristy place, the people know English, so it wasn’t a huge problem to ask in case I were to get lost.

Really, I spent no more than four hours in Bern, since I was only passing through it for the day before making my way over to Lucerne. But in any case, the city is absolutely lovely with its architecture- seriously, it was enchanting just how pretty the Old Town was. Plus, the weather was super good that day (sunny and warm), so that made the place seem even more beautiful.

Arrived around 10h30 to Bern (after having paid a ridiculous amount for the train- so damn pricey!), and proceeded to head into Old Town. Came across the iconic Zytglogge tower, which has the famous astronomical clock. While I don’t think it’s as impressive as those I have seen in Rouen or Prague, it was nevertheless quite the sight.

Old Town with the Zytglogge.
Old Town with the Zytglogge.

Wandered the street some more, and came across the Bern Minster, the tallest cathedral in Switzerland. The view of the aqueduct from the top was a sight to admire, too:

Bern Minster.
Bern Minster.
View from the Bern Minster.
View from the Bern Minster.

Next, I went over to the Nydeggkirche, located out on the east edge of Old Town. Again, another stunning view (helped that it was sunny that day!):


After that, I was pretty much done with Bern, having covered pretty much everything that there was to see in the Old Town. Walked back to the train station, where I came across the Church of the Holy Ghost:

Church of the Holy Ghost.
Church of the Holy Ghost.

Bought my train ticket to Lucerne (again, a whopping 38 Swiss francs for, literally, an hour’s ride. Seriously, wtf?!!), and was on my way!

Stay tuned next week for more of my travels in Switzerland. See you soon!

— The Finicky Cynic

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    1. rebbit7

      I wholeheartedly agree! European landscapes and monuments are so gorgeous that they’re almost unreal! Glad that they are, though. 🙂

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