Guilty Pleasures…(#JuneJour Challenge, Day 14)

Admit it: you have guilty pleasures. No, don’t deny it; we all have that one thing (or two, or three) that we do secretly, and feel sheepish about later on. From indulging in chocolate to enjoying sex, we must be honest with ourselves, acknowledge and accept them. ‘Cause really, it’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal!

Guilty pleasures are great ways to make us feel happy, even if others may judge us. Screw them- be content with yourself.

Here is a brief list of things that are my guilty pleasures. If you see any that you can relate to or actually do, then let us unite and indulge together! Get ready- it’s confession time…

1. Chocolate (very popular guilty pleasure, and I’m not ashamed. 😉 White, milk, dark chocolate, truffles, you name it. I could make love to it all day, everyday).

2. Alcoholic cocktails (still on the subject of food and drink, yes, I enjoy alcoholic beverages, even if they cost me an arm and a leg at times to obtain. Particularly, mixed drinks like sangrias and martinis are my favorite. Come to think of it, I want one now…)

3. Fan-fiction (ah yes, I confess: I read fan-fiction from time to time. I especially love character canons, you know, the pairings already established in the film or TV series that I enjoy watching. Ships, slashes, even femme-slashes, oh my god… #Naomily #BoandLauren. If you get these references, I applaud you. Oh, the feels…)

4. Callan McAuliffe (if you don’t know him, then you must be living under a rock. I have been obsessed with this Australian perfection for over three years now, and it looks like I won’t be quitting anytime soon. He’s just, oh, everything. Too bad he’s younger than me… :()

5. Notebooks (very strange, but let me explain. Evidently, I love to write, especially by hand in journals. I fill them up with my day-to-day reflections or creative works, and I have been doing this for almost my entire life so far. I love the way how some notebooks are designed so prettily, some embossed in gold and some in leather. It has become a collection, and I have around two or three in line after I finish up the current journal I am using. Seriously, I spend money on notebooks- not clothes like a “normal” person, but freaking notebooks. God, I’m weird.)

6. Loving Annabelle (I admit, I’ve watched this film over five times now, and I even own the soundtrack to it, which is beautiful. But I can’t bring myself to say that I love it. All I can say is that it’s beautiful, it’s hot, and it’s scandalous. Check it out for yourself, and understand my pain)

7. Glee (Interestingly, I haven’t been keeping up with the TV series for a while now. I’ve been too busy. But although the show is corny and sappy as hell with its story lines, I enjoy watching it for the drama. And don’t forget its fabulous sing-and-dance numbers)

8. YA Fiction (Although I am beyond the age of being a young adult, I still check out YA novels at the local library and read them. True, some of them have similar, if not nearly identical concepts and plots, and yes, their “themes” are nowhere near to literary works from James Joyce or Maya Angelou, but they are easy reads, perfect for a summer day and do have some moral values attached to them, e.g. loss of innocence, independence, being brave, and all of that jazz. I am an adult, and I like YA fiction! So there!)

9. Wearing sweatpants (you- yes, you. Admit that jeans are the bane of human existence and that sweatpants, while sloppy and ugly-looking, are the miracle solution to all things comfortable. Even leggings cannot compare to this baggy beauty. So go out there, and rock those draw-stringed trousers!)

10. Astrid Ovalles (she ain’t famous yet, but I sense that she will be very soon. Let’s just say that someone has definitely been blessed with allure and sexiness… ;))

And that’s all there is to it- so far! Give your own guilty pleasures a go, and enjoy your day, everyone!

– The Finicky Cynic

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